Evergreen Methods to Optimize Your Direct Mail Campaigns

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It takes a unique type of person who uses direct mailing campaigns in their business model. Basically, this is an offline model that is still very successful. Many in the industry say that the conversions are not as high for direct marketing. However, only you can determine how much money you want to make. If you have experience, or get it, then you should be able to leverage that into higher profits. But, remember that direct marketing can be done right alongside your online ventures as well. Surprisingly, internet marketers avoided doing this at all costs. But, now many are doing both offline marketing and online ventures and things couldn't be any better.

You definitely want your DM pieces to achieve a high conversion rate. You shouldn't overlook the number of impressions you get, though, because they are important as well.

Impressions means, in the current situation, how many people viewed your piece of mail but didn't convert into customers. When people are exposed to your offer, they are more likely to take action the next time you send them a piece of mail and it also helps people become more aware of your brand. Thus, you should send your DM piece more than once to the same person. Many of your prospects will need to see it multiple times before they decide to buy or convert in another way. You shouldn't change tactics, mailing lists or offers after a single direct mailing because it shouldn't be a one-time thing.

It's essential that you always test your campaigns and improve them based on the results, which is something you are probably aware of. You might not know, though, exactly what you should be testing and the best strategy to do so. The last thing you should be testing is price because the headline should always come first followed by the offer. The offer is generally the strongest aspect of a promotion, whether online or offline. Considering that the headline is the key to drawing people in to read your offer, then it clearly needs to be tested first.

Segmenting your mailing list is the simplest method. Subsequently, you run parallel campaigns to test different headlines on each segment, followed by testing the other two aspects. Don't forget to put tracking codes in place so you know which test version is converting or not.

Sometimes you have to do a little, or a lot, more to get your direct mail envelopes opened. Manually addressing your direct mail envelopes might be what it takes when it comes to your direct mail campaigns. Within recent years, there are a few marketers who address their envelopes with cursive writing via software package. You might want to look into using something like this. Quite honestly, not too many marketers will agree to manually addresses thousands of direct mail envelopes. So look into ways that you can get the cursive writing look. This will make your customer responses soar.

Unless you don't know it, another key aspect of DM success is no secret. It's all about choosing the right product and that's true in the internet marketing space whether you are an affiliate marketer or you create your own products.

NB : This article is meant for general use and whilst it is accurate at time of writing you can always go to the posters web site for the latest information. Go to Letterbox Drops of MelbourneConsidering the fact that DM is much more complex than IM, that may have been a bit of a harsh comparison. There are plenty of great reasons people get involved with direct marketing.

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