Avoiding SEO Mistakes that Will Lower Your Ranking

Making mistakes with search engine optimization can hurt more than just your ranking, it can also get your site banned. Below you are given SEO mistakes that you should take care to avoid.

One of the most common mistakes that new SEO marketers make is that they focus on the wrong keywords. Choosing the correct keywords is important because people looking for a particular topic will search using certain keywords. For an SEO marketer looking to sell something related to dog training, it would be important to use keywords not only related to the niche, but also to purchasing. To sell an ebook on dog training, a savvy SEO marketer might choose the keywords "learn dog training." Clearly, the wrong keywords might hurt your sales rather than help them. Key to any search engine optimization campaign is a whole list of good keywords for your product and service, so you can get a lot more traffic to your site. While many people will tell you different ways to get a quality list of keywords, one of the easiest is to use Google's powerful and simple Keywords tool. A fabulous reason to use one of the free keywords tools is that its superb results cost nothing. As an alternative, try paid keyword research services like Word Tracker, particularly if you're looking for a custom list of keywords to target a particular audience. You don't want to waste your time and energy optimizing for the wrong keywords, so make sure you have a good quality list before you take any more steps.

It's also common for SEO newbies to assume they can rank highly for their targeted keywords quickly and without making much effort at it. Some people claim to teach you how to rank high quickly, but the truth is that getting and maintaining a high rank involves constructing backlinks over time, a stream of new content, and more. You'll have to work hard over time to get steady results for your optimization efforts. It will help if you track your rankings regularly so you know what is working and what isn't. It's important to be reported about every little change that happens in your site's ranking. Ranking high is not only about getting there in the first place, but about staying there, too.

Another common SEO mistake is having content on your site that isn't search engine friendly. Remember to embed your target keywords in your content and keep it fresh and original. Remember to update your content so the search engines will look more favorably on your site. Therefore, pay attention to how often you add content to make sure there's always something new.

The best way to avoid making SEO mistakes is to think about what you're doing and make sure you understand it. You will definitely get better long term results by doing SEO the right way.

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